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Living In The Moment

Written by Nicole Bulcher

As Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, we all get really sentimental at the end of the year.

For example, we always seem to remember our cameras for the last regular season game, but fail to take behind-the-scene photos throughout the year. Included below are some of these pics from the Cowboys game against the Eagles.

Apparently we practiced before the Christmas Eve game like it was our last because Kelli even commented on our energy level. She asked why we had so much energy this time? Numerous vets responded, "Because it could be our last field-practice as a team!"

(A disclaimer here is a must: We REALLY wanted to make the playoffs and all still hoped it wasn't our actual "last game." The emotional tug-of-war was relentless!)

Also, Kelli and Judy allowed us to vote for who we wanted to represent us at the Pro Bowl in January. We were all sitting for Christmas Eve dinner in a big circle and Kelli pretended to have forgotten some group leader gifts. She "started" with Ally, who unwrapped her invitation to Pro Bowl, which included music and all of the choreography she has to learn before boarding the plane. Of course, more happy tears from all of us! We are so lucky to have Ally going to Hawaii in our iconic uniform.

So I was wrong with my prediction of winning against the Giants in the season finale. The girls had a group text going throughout the game because we were all in different states being home for Christmas. We were disappointed the 'Boys did not make the playoffs, with Ally's text after we lost pretty much summing it up: "I broke out in hives and cried." Being a loyal fan, it was a stressful game, and losing just drove home the fact that we had already danced our last game as a team.

Our rollercoaster of emotions can finally settle down now that the New Year is underway. We will be filling in our time with charity appearances, reporting to Valley Ranch several times per week for group workouts, and looking ahead to spring performances from Show Group, hosting cheerleading competitions and, of course, the calendar shoot!

Time flies when you're having fun, and for me, I feel like the season just started yesterday!

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