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Mailbag: A New Doomsday? Extension Options?


'Doomsday' is name we hold dear for the most fearsome defenses in Dallas Cowboys history. Has this defense raised itself to that standard? — JACK JACKSON / TYLER, TX

David: With all due respect to this very talented group of players, the NFL defenses that get nicknames are the ones that play for and win championships. When you talk about Doomsday and the Steel Curtain, or Orange Crush and the Legion of Boom, you're talking about units that were good for multiple years and helped their team reach the Super Bowl. I'll hold off on giving these guys a nickname until we see what they can do in the playoffs.

Rob: I understand where you're coming from because a feared front seven is partly what made the Doomsday Defense so great, and this year's pass rush might be the biggest reason why I believe the Cowboys can make a deep playoff run. But Micah Parsons doesn't want Lawrence Taylor comparisons and I bet this year's defense just wants to focus on getting better. The biggest tests still await.

The projected salary cap for 2022 increased significantly, if I remember around $25 million. With that extra money, wouldn't it make sense to extend Trevon Diggs in the offseason, before he gets too expensive? Also, who else do you see the front office extending? — BRYAN WALSH / MOUNT AIRY, MD

David: This is a good opportunity to point out that the Cowboys can't extend Trevon Diggs in 2022. Under the rules of the CBA, players can't renegotiate their contracts until they've finished their third season. It's not exactly fair for a guy like Trevon, who has so clearly outplayed his rookie contract, but those are the rules. As far as guys that can be extended, Randy Gregory would be my No. 1 priority if I were the Cowboys. Behind him, Jayron Kearse and Dalton Schultz are guys I'd love to see extended if it can fit under the salary cap.

Rob: Yeah, if you remember, the Cowboys couldn't start negotiating a new deal for Dak Prescott until after three years (the 2018 season). Same with Diggs. I agree with Dave's picks for possible extensions. A lot of tough contract decisions are coming after the season, and they'll probably get even tougher the further Dallas goes in the playoffs. But that would be a good problem, right?

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