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Mailbag: Adding Another Top WR? 5th Round Picks 


It sounds like the Cowboys are ready to let CeeDee Lamb be their No. 1 receiver and wanted Michael Gallup to have more opportunities to shine. But does that mean they wouldn't be interested in a trade for another wide receiver if the opportunity presented itself? – ALLEN PORTIS / RICHMOND, VA

Rob: The almost-unprecedented player movement we've seen throughout the league through trades shows you can't rule much out. And the Cowboys were rumored to have been interested in possibly trading for a couple of veteran receivers a few weeks back, though nothing materialized. So no, I don't think you can necessarily rule that out, but there's also a reason why free agency slows down so much in mid-to-late April. Teams with specific needs want to see how the draft unfolds. And maybe the Cowboys will draft a receiver that changes the whole perception of their overall wideout depth, just as CeeDee Lamb did back in 2020.

Nick: Stephen Jones loves to use the line and I think it applies in this case. "The talent-acquisition business is open 365 days a year." This cycle never stops and so they should never turn away from the chance to get a great player – if it makes sense. Yes, there are always going to be rumors that pop up, and it sounds like there's another one out there. But to answer your question, yes I think the Cowboys would always be interested in landing a player that can help the team. But let's not forget, Amari Cooper was making $20 million per season and it was considered too much. And they didn't even want to restructure the year either. So, to get another top receiver, it'll definitely cost more than that. And with CeeDee and Gallup both in the mix, it makes more sense to land that next great receiver in the draft.

What's the best thing for the Cowboys to do with their four fifth-round picks given the content of this draft? Use them to trade up, make picks with them, trade them for personnel, all of the above? – JEFF PARSONS / AMARILLO, TX

David: I really, really hope they use one of those picks on a kicker. Other than that, it doesn't matter to me. It'd be fun to use one of those picks and trade it for a veteran starter, but I don't know how realistic that is. But if they at least land a quality kicker, I'll be happy.

Nick: We just went through the list of fifth-round picks over the last 20 years and not only is Orlando Scandrick the best of the bunch, he's the ONLY player that actually played more than two years on a regular basis. The fifth round has not been kind to the Cowboys so to think they're going to get much out of this round would be a stretch. In this case, I'd be interested in trading at least two of these picks – either to another team for a veteran player, or maybe to package something else in a trade to move up. I don't think they'll take four players in that round but of the players that are picked, I wouldn't mind seeing a running back, kicker and maybe another lineman with position flex.

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