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Mailbag: Addressing The Cornerback Depth?


Who do you think gets elevated or brought in to replace Anthony Brown's position on the depth chart? Will the coaching staff regret losing Mike Jackson from the practice squad? - LANDON CABELL / CHARLESTON, SC

Rob: The Cowboys didn't want to lose Jackson, but he got an opportunity to go play elsewhere. The defense split the nickel snaps between Brown and Lewis against Detroit, but Lewis had earned more playing time recently and he'll get plenty now. C.J. Goodwin is next up on the depth chart, and free safety Xavier Woods can play the nickel in a pinch, too.

Lindsay: It's a numbers game, and Jason Garrett said they would have loved to keep Mike Jackson – but there wasn't a spot to give him. A few weeks and an injury later, obviously a different story. But now, Jourdan Lewis is going to shine. Kris Richard told me this offseason, Lewis is the exception to his rule; his rule being, long, lanky, lean defensive backs. Lewis isn't the prototype for Richard, but he's going to get a chance to make his mark anyway.

Didn't get to watch the Lions game -- was wondering how Xavier Su'a-Filo held up in the run and passing game? - BRAD HARRIS / PEMBROKE, NC

Rob: Thought he and the entire line held up really well in pass protection. The Lions played a decent amount of coverage, but regardless, Dak Prescott had time to get through his progressions on most dropbacks. Detroit didn't stack the box consistently, but they did commit a lot of hats to Ezekiel Elliott and were effective. I did create some one-on-one opportunities downfield.

Lindsay: The Lions are in the bottom five in the league in sacks, so I don't think their pass rush is the ultimate test, but Su'a-Filo is a heckuva stand-in (with size) for Connor Williams. He started the last eight games of 2018, so this isn't new to him. Although Ezekiel Elliott didn't probably have the rushing day he wanted, the offensive line looks outstanding in pass-blocking, which is starting to look like the focus of this offense with Dak Prescott's hot hand.

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