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Mailbag: Advantage To Showers Or Prescott? Surprise Contributor In 2016?


In watching the Training Camp Live and the Blue/White scrimmage it seems that Jameill Showers is outperforming Dak Prescott. Are you guys seeing the same thing?

Rob: I've said since last year that Showers is a poised player in the pocket, and I do think he seems a little more comfortable than Prescott in the pocket. That's not surprising. Even though Showers spent most of his rookie year as a special teams player on the practice squad, he did get some opportunities at quarterback in camp and preseason last year. He's been in the system. Prescott has made some plays, too. Both are working on making quicker decisions and getting the ball out quicker.

David: I think that's probably fair. To Dak's credit, he will occasionally make a truly impressive play – like on Sunday, when he rolled right on a play action fake and rifled a 20-yard ball to Geoff Swaim. But overall, I think Showers has been the more consistent quarterback – and that's honestly not surprising. When in doubt, always learn toward the more experienced player.


Do you see a 2013 George Selvie on this Dallas team – a guy capable of coming out of nowhere, making the team, then contributing in a major way?

Rob: Hardly anybody was talking about defensive end Mike McAdoo before training camp, but he has been productive in practice and taken advantage of extra reps on a depleted defensive line. Even with the injuries and question marks up front, he still has plenty of competition to be one of those eight or so linemen on the 53. He's one to watch in the preseason opener.

David: Good question, but it's so hard to predict. Selvie didn't even get here until the middle of training camp, and he finished with seven sacks. So by that logic, this year's Selvie might not even be on the team yet. But, of the guys we've seen so far in camp, I think the guy that best fits what you're asking for is Lawrence Okoye. He hasn't shown up much as a defensive end, but his raw power jumps off the field when the coaches line him up at defensive tackle.

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