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Mailbag: 'All-In' Offseason? Avoiding Rebuild?


With the addition of Randall Cobb and the visits from Robert Quinn and Eric Berry is this starting to feel like a "we're going all-in offseason?" Some pretty big name talent there and it's a bit out of the ordinary for the Cowboys to be considering adding guys with such stellar resumes during free agency/offseason. - JOHN NUNES / BERKLEY, MA

Rob: Man, that's a far cry from "why aren't they doing anything in free agency?!" a week ago. Honestly, up to this point we've seen exactly what the Cowboys do this time of year. They try to find quality signings that don't wreck their cap. Cobb is a terrific save after losing Cole Beasley, and he'll look to maximize his 2020 earning potential with a big season. Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder help depth but don't prevent further additions on the defensive line.

Bryan: I don't feel that way at all. It's their job to evaluate these players, and if they fit, then they do their best to add them to the roster. This just so happens to be a year where better quality names became available so it makes their list more attractive.


How much credit does the front office deserve for never "tanking" during the complete rebuild of this roster? As fans we give them a lot of flack for not getting a championship, but we also didn't have to go through an obvious flop to get to the young, talented roster we have. - LANDON CABELL

Rob: You're right, they've really never gone through an entire rebuild in the Jason Garrett era. They quietly did what I'd call a major retool in the early part of the decade, particularly on the offensive line, while trying to stay competitive with Romo. They've stayed competitive because they've drafted well, and probably most significant, they had a seamless transition at the quarterback position with Dak Prescott. Now the key is finding a way to build on this.

Bryan: I have a great deal of respect for this front office. They do a fine job of putting a quality roster on the field. It starts at the top with Jerry and Stephen Jones, but Will McClay has also done a great job of demanding a lot from his scouts.

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