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Mailbag: Another Option At Slot Receiver?


Can't Cooper play outside in two-receiver sets, and just move inside on three-receiver sets? That would allow the Cowboys the freedom of drafting the best WR available, instead of being pigeonholed into drafting a slot guy. ARFEO YLLANA / HOUSTON, TX

Nick: I think that scenario is definitely an option for the Cowboys. They just need a third receiver, not necessarily a slot guy who is looks like Wes Welker or Cole Beasley or even Randall Cobb. Just get a third route-runner who can win off the line and be a reliable pass-catcher. Yes, Cooper can play inside and I think Gallup can as well. So I agree, get a third receiver in here that can play and the Cowboys will be better on offense.

Rob: Saying the Cowboys need strictly a "slot receiver" to replace Randall Cobb is probably too narrow a focus, especially given the depth of this year's class. If a receiver presents terrific value on draft week, the Cowboys shouldn't pass him up simply because he's more of an outside guy. Plus, you do make a good point that Cooper played in the slot a decent amount last year.

With a new coaching staff in place, who on the roster do you think will really make a leap this year? I think Dak has a great opportunity to reach his maximum potential under Mike McCarthy. But I also think Jourdan Lewis has the potential to become a top-five slot CB in this league and I think Al Harris will be a great factor in his success. – J.M. SMITH / WALDORF, MD

Nick: I like your pick of Lewis. I'll go with another defensive back in Donovan Wilson. I think he was kind of forgotten – not by the fans – last season mainly because of injuries and lack of playing time. But he just seems to make plays when he gets the chance. If he gets a fair shake in training camp to compete, I just see him factoring into the mix at safety.

Rob: Blake Jarwin's production has a chance to skyrocket if he plays considerably more than the 38 percent of the snaps he got last year. Jarwin averaged nearly 12 yards a catch last year, and perhaps he could help fill that slot role in certain packages, too.

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