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Mailbag: Any Merit In Moving Selvie To Right End?


Any consideration of putting George Selvie at right defensive end? He looked good there early last year in camp. It seems we have an abundance of left defensive ends.

Bryan:There is always that option of moving to Selvie to that side, but talking to the coaches, they really want to leave him at left end because of the matchup they get with him working against the opponent's second-best tackle. I don't mind Tyrone Crawford starting on that left side, but I [embedded_ad] have yet to see the pass rush from him that I believed we would. I am starting to believe that he might be better inside?

David: Echoing what Bryan said, it seems like there's a wealth of guys who can move inside to tackle if need be – Crawford, Selvie and perhaps Jeremy Mincey. But I don't know that there's a truly athletic right end available right now, which explains why the front office was so desperate to draft DeMarcus Lawrence in the spring. If he moved to the right side, I'm not sure I like Selvie's odds against the likes of Joe Staley, Jason Peters, Trent Williams and other top-tier left tackles. They're just going to have to make do until Lawrence is available.

Terrance Mitchell kind of reminds me of Orlando Scandrick when he first came out -- holds, can be sloppy, but seems to hang in there. Could this be Scandrick 2.0?

Bryan: Physically, Mitchell is a stronger player, but he doesn't have the quickness or the mental makeup that Scandrick had when he first came into the league. Mitchell is a fighter that plays on guts and grit. Scandrick is a thinking man's player that is not only going to beat you with his technique, but his brain as well.     

David: If their playing styles aren't similar, their stories certainly appear to be. Mitchell was the last guy taken in a big draft class – he was actually taken two spots ahead of Mr. Irrelevant. He wasn't as widely-hyped as guys like Ben Gardner, Ken Bishop and Ahmad Dixon. But as we prepare to head back to Dallas, it would be a major upset if Mitchell doesn't make the final roster. He's got a ways to go  before he achieves Scandrick's success as a fifth-round pick, but it's a start.

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