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Mailbag: Are The Cowboys Content With Last Year's Guards?


Since the Cowboys decided not to draft any true offensive guards, are they comfortable with starting Livings and Bernadeau?

David: 'Comfortable' is probably a good word for it. I think the Cowboys would probably be fine with those two if that's the way it worked out after training camp. Like I said earlier this week, I kind of expect the loser of the center battle between Phil Costa and Travis Frederick to get a guard spot. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, though.

Rowan: It seems like they must be, unless they have high hopes for Ronald Leary to be a legitimate contender for one of the spots. Every indication is that Frederick will start out at center, with the hopes that he'll make those around him better by providing a solid base in the middle. But if Costa outplays everyone, it's still feasible to see Frederick at one of the guard spots.

Is Barry Church penciled in as a starter if healthy, or is there a chance we could have two rookies starting in the back end in J.J. Wilcox and Matt Johnson?

David: That's the great thing about the amount of safety depth the Cowboys have compiled. I think both spots are completely up in the air. Church and Johnson are bound to get a long look after their performances early last year. But Will Allen also brings 130 career appearances and 33 career starts. And yes, I fully expect Wilcox to have the opportunity to win a starting spot.

Rowan: I don't think anyone's penciled in at this point. Church would likely be a favorite, considering how well he played in last year's training camp and through three games during the season. But an Achilles injury can change things. Coaches will soon see if he can operate as quickly as he did last year. If he can, I imagine he'll earn the spot. But right now both spots are up for grabs, and it should make for one of the best competitions in camp. A handful of young defensive backs will have to earn the opportunity to start.

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