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Mailbag: Backup RB Battle? Best Leadership?



I do not know too much about Bo Scarbrough or Darius Jackson as players. Who is the better running back and has the best style to fit the Dallas Cowboy Offense? Who makes the team or practice squad?

Bryan: Bo Scarborough is the better back. I think it's going to be an uphill battle for Jackson to make the squad. At this point he doesn't look better than Trey Williams, who is also battling for a spot on the roster. If Scarborough can develop on special teams he will have a great shot to make the club. if he's just serviceable as a player and Williams plays better all around, they could have an interesting decision.

Rob: Rod Smith is Zeke's backup, and receiver Tavon Austin might be a mismatch/change of pace player in the backfield at times. So, when I look at the No. 3 running back spot, I don't focus on offensive fit as much as special teams ability. Who can help Keith O'Quinn's coverage units most? That's how Scarbrough, Jackson or Williams make this team.


I finished up watching "All or Nothing" from the Cowboys' 2017 season. In the last episode, near the end, it shows the final team meeting on New Year's Day and the players heading out. It shows them walking out to their cars and on their phones as they leave the facility. Then the last shot appears. It's Sean Lee sitting all alone watching film of the previous game against the Eagles. This could have been for theatrics but I don't think it was. In your guys' opinion, is there anyone you have ever covered in the game that dedicates more to his own personal growth and development than Sean Lee? That last screen shot spoke volumes to me.

Bryan: It wasn't an act. What you saw in that final shot of Sean Lee on the show is everything he is as a player and man. Darren Woodson was a similar type of player when I was with him in the early 2000's. He cared about the way he played each and every week, but more importantly he cared about the team. Lee is the same way. He knows that he's only going to get so many opportunities and he has to make the best of each and every one. Sean Lee, like Darren Woodson, is a rare player – and to be compared to Woodson in my book is extremely high praise.

Rob: Guarantee you that wasn't staged. In a decade or so covering this team, I can't think of anyone more committed to his craft than Lee. Maybe as much, but not more. Jason Witten was obsessed with finding a way to improve – and in later years, maintain – his skill level. Bradie James and Keith Brooking were very diligent guys at the linebacker position. But Lee's pretty much on another planet in terms of this machine-like approach he has.

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