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Mailbag: Bennett's Impact On The Defense?


Having traded for Michael Bennett mid-season and him being an experienced veteran, do you see him playing a big role in the rotation immediately like Robert Quinn or is he just another guy in the rotation? - ROCKY SESSION / SOUTH CAROLINA

Bryan: I can see Bennett stepping in immediately playing that nickel tackle. They needed that type of player and he's just that.

Rob: Because of his history playing under Kris Richard, I don't anticipate Bennett needing much time to get up to speed. A little like Quinn's situation in Miami, Bennett apparently was playing more of a 3-4 scheme with the Patriots. He'll probably have a better comfort level in this system.

How is Connor McGovern going in his recovery and is there a chance he could come and help this offense if they get banged up again? Thanks. - ALVIN PONDER / ARDMORE, OK

Bryan: I don't see McGovern playing at all. By the time he's ready the season will be over. He hasn't played much football at all and to expect him to step into a helping role would be a mistake.

Rob: By all accounts, the Cowboys' third-round draft pick is doing well in his recovery from a pectoral injury. The fact that he hasn't really played any football here, though, makes you wonder if it could wind up being a redshirt type year. He got hurt early in the offseason program and has missed so much time that it might be tough to step in and contribute this season if needed.

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