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Mailbag: Biggest Surprises & A Special RB?


Any players on the roster who so far have performed much more than what you initially expected, and any players who have performed less than what you initially expected? - MORICE WELLINGTON III / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

Bryan: Kerry Hyder has been outstanding. He's given himself a chance to make this squad. I thought Jon'Vea Johnson was going to be able to carry his momentum from OTAs into training camp, but he's looking more like a practice squad guy now, as is Jalen Guyton.

Rob: Undrafted rookie linebacker Justin Phillips was cut in June and brought back early in camp. He's been balling ever since. I'm a big fan of undrafted rookie Jon'Vea Johnson's overall talent, but intermittent drops have hurt his overall consistency compared to fellow receiver candidates Devin Smith and Cedrick Wilson.

I can't help but notice Jordan Chunn on special teams. He's in on just about every play on the coverage units. He's a pretty good back, too; hits the hole quickly and is a tough runner. Do y'all think he will make the 53-man roster mostly because of his special teams play, like C.J. Goodwin? - CHRIS HARVEY / RICHMOND, VA

Bryan: It's a good question. I think he has a chance to be the third back on this roster. I've described him as a better Rod Smith, who they carried several years on the 53.

Rob: Chunn has a real chance. It looks like a numbers game at running back right now because of Alfred Morris' arrival, though. The other question for me is, how many players can you keep who help you almost exclusively on special teams? There are a few contenders in that vein, including Goodwin.

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