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Mailbag: Breaking Down Options On The O-Line


Why does it seem that the Cowboys organization is so resistant to moving La'el Collins from right tackle to guard when he started out as a guard here? At times he seems slow footed but I think he could perform well at guard. - TOLLY JAMES JR. / KILLEEN, TX

Bryan: I believe you're more tired of seeing Connor Williams than you're really believing that La'el Collins is slow footed? Besides, why would you want a slow footed guard as much as they want to get their guys in space? Now if you told me that I would like to see Collins inside due to his power I wouldn't be opposed to that. Regardless who plays guard in this game against the Eagles it is going to be a difficult matchup. They're very good inside with Fletcher Cox and Haloti Ngata and it reminds me of what we saw in Washington.

Rob: They've invested two years in moving Collins there and it seems they want to see it through. Collins showed at the end of 2017 that he could be a high-level tackle, and now new position coach Marc Colombo is bringing back a familiar approach to the entire group. That should help him settle in.


With Connor Williams now hurt and Travis Frederick already on IR, how come we haven't heard Cam Fleming's name in the mix for possible solutions? I know he's a tackle, but would sliding Collins back to guard and playing Fleming in at tackle for a game or two until Williams is ready to come back give you a stronger line and a better chance of winning than playing Adam Redmond or Xavier Su'a-Filo? - PATRIC SHERMAN / OAKLAND, ME

Bryan: I don't disagree here at all. When Dak Prescott has trouble throwing the ball it's generally when the front of the pocket is poor. Redmond and Williams would be similar strength wise, where Su'a-Filo is not as athletic. Collins would give you both inside. As for Fleming, playing tackle would be a good option, but there have been times where he hasn't been as good as he was in New England and that is likely weighing on them to make that call.

Rob: Jason Garrett didn't exactly rule out anything, but typically the Cowboys haven't tried to change two spots at once on the offensive line. Continuity and communication are so important there, and as I mentioned above, seems like they want Collins to stay where he is. I see your point, though. Fleming has as much experience as any reserve they've got.

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