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Mailbag: Breakout Season For Noah Brown?


First, I'm a big Noah Brown fan. Reliable blocker and big special team contributor. However, he is showing much more than a mere role player. According to the constant reports of his elevated wide receiver play, he has the potential to step in as the viable WR3 role. But is this showing a mirage? — JOHN WALKER / LAGO VISTA, TX

Rob: The Cowboys don't seem to think it's a "mirage." Brown was rested against the Broncos last Saturday, a sign that he's considered a starter, at least while Michael Gallup and James Washington are out. You're right, Brown has largely been a blocker for the run game since 2017, but this year he does look leaner and quicker, and it showed up in Oxnard and the first joint practice. I'm interested to see where it goes from here. Who knows, maybe he's found something and flipping a switch, sort of like Miles Austin did his fourth year in the league.

Patrik: It's impossible to call what Brown is doing in camp a "mirage", but if you're asking for qualification on if it'll translate into an NFL regular season game — that's TBD. Yes, there have been many instances of camp stars not delivering when it matters, but I'll add that Brown isn't exactly wet behind the ears. He's a five-year veteran who's spent his entire career with Dak Prescott (injury to either notwithstanding) and delivered career highs last season in yards per target (7.4), yards per reception (11.5) and catch percentage (64%). The chemistry with Prescott is there, Brown is healthy, and now he's being asked to become the next Cedrick Wilson ... something he couldn't do with Wilson here. The table is set, and Brown is devouring the appetizer. All that's left to do now is for him to finish his food.

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