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Mailbag: Can The Cowboys Beat New York Without Sean Lee?



The Cowboys vs. Giants game this week is a huge game. The Cowboys need a win to keep close in the division. Do you think the Cowboys can come out with a win without Sean Lee?

Nick: Yes, I think it's possible to win without him, but it won't be easy. The Cowboys were able to win some games last year despite his absence. But it means Ernie Sims and Bruce Carter need to play better than they have all year. Jason Garrett didn't rule Lee out on Monday but still, with two games in five days, you'd expect him to miss this one.

Rowan: Can they? Sure, it's possible, if their offense scores the majority of the time it touches the ball. But I just don't think this defense can be counted on without him. The defense still struggled when he was healthy, but he provides a level of security and calmness and a belief that a turnover or a crucial stop is possible. As bad as it was all night against the Saints, it got much worse when Lee left. He's still put up solid numbers and leads the team in interceptions on a defense that gives up huge chunks of yardage week in and week out. We just haven't seen them perform positively with him out. Jason Hatcher has to be huge in his return.  


After 10 games the offensive output is down considerably, even with a better offensive line. Do you think it is time for Jason Garrett to take the play calling back over before it's too late?


Nick: Yes, I think it's time he does that. It doesn't sound like he's planning to do that. I would think Garrett would want to , simply because he knows his job is on the line. They've done a good job in the past with him calling the plays, so it makes sense to me. Who knows, maybe he's planning on making changes and just not telling anyone right now.

Rowan: I would if I were him, and I don't think that's a bad plan. I also don't think much will change considerably. Remember how everyone was calling for Garrett to give up the play-calling duties last year? I think the offense will look similar, but the timing and rhythm could change with a new play-caller. Look to see if he's holding a play sheet in the coming weeks, because I think if he does take it over, there won't be a huge announcement like there was when Bill Callahan took over the play-calling at the beginning of the year. Garrett's job is on the line if the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs yet again. If I were him, I'd want to end the season knowing I was in control of whatever happens offensively. 

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