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Mailbag: Can The Cowboys Hold On To Jason Hatcher?


Can someone explain to me why there was not an official review of Dez Bryant's "non-catch" in the closing minutes of this week's game? If there had been more than two minutes left, Jason Garrett would have definitely asked for one. Who keeps these refs accountable?

Nick: They looked at it. The replay officials did look at it. They didn't need a full booth review. Under the rules, it wasn't a catch in their mind. It's not like they were being rebellious about it.

David: When I saw it live, I kept saying to myself that Garrett needed to call a timeout so the refs could take a long. He did exactly that, but the play obviously was not reviewed. It was a bit confusing to me at the time, but in retrospect, there's always a big focus on players that don't control the ball all the way to the ground. If you don't get up with the ball still in your control, the refs aren't likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.


With the loss of Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer, Tyrone Crawford and salary cap woes, is there any chance we can keep Jason Hatcher? Even though it is a known fact players seem to perform better in their contract year, his leadership and mental toughness is something we desperately need on our defense.

Nick: I don't think there is a chance that Jason Hatcher plays for the Cowboys again. After the Pro Bowl, I think he no longer wears a Cowboys helmet. And I think it's more about him than the Cowboys wanting to keep him.

David: I'm leaning heavily toward no. Hatcher is the wrong age and playing the wrong position for too big of a contract extension – the Cowboys recently learned that lesson with Ratliff. Somebody is going to be willing to give him big money, and he'd be smart to take it. The more cap conscientious choice for Dallas would be to rebuild the position through the draft.

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