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Mailbag: Can The Team Pick Offense First Three Rounds?


Would it make sense to draft a guard or right tackle in the first, a center in the second and a running back in the third? Or is the defense in that bad of shape that we can't afford to do that?

Nick: I think it just makes sense to get better. I know that's cliché and pretty vague. But this team needs a lot of things. Just take a guy that can help you right away. I could see that happening with a guard or tackle in the first round- but I wouldn't worry about it if they're not there. Just don't reach on anything. I don't think this team would be in bad shape if they drafted three offensive players to start off.  

Bryan: There are more options at tackle if they want to go that route both in free agency and the draft. They could stretch the guards in the draft but are limited options in the draft at center but I know they like Frederick the center from Wisconsin. The options at defensive line are there too but the quality of player in the first round will most likely be better than what is there at offensive line. There are no questions that if one of the Big 5 were there, they would jump on that opportunity but I believe it's going to come down to drafting a defensive tackle or a safety with that 18 selection.   

In all the talk about need at guard, I never hear David Arkin's name mentioned. He's a third year guy with some size, do we just consider him a bust or is there any potential there?

Nick: Good question and one that I can't answer. I know this – someone here really wants to keep him around because they never cut ties with him, even when they needed roster spots. And I also know that he was never good enough to play. Kevin Kowalski was hurt for about three months and practiced for two days and they made him active over Arkin. That tells me they don't have much confidence in him. So when it comes to battling for spots, there's no way he can be considered in the mix right now. He's going to have to prove people wrong, and those people are likely on the coaching staff.

Bryan:This will be Arkin's last shot and I have to admit that I was very wrong about what he could have become. The talk is more centered around Ronald Leary and the [embedded_ad] hope that he could make that jump like we had seen last year from Church and Harris. Folks in the front office that I spoke with said that Leary got better each week on the scout team so the hope is there.

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