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Mailbag: Ceiling For Gregory & Taco Charlton?


There's a lot of buzz around Randy Gregory due to the reinstatement, and predictably so especially given the time of year. I think if people stop to realize that Taco has been more productive, they'd look at Gregory differently. However, the talk of his physical talent is endless – thus my question. Which player has a better skillset and talent – 'ceiling' if you will – Gregory or Charlton and why? - BEN BROWN / BRYAN, OH

Bryan: If both players had entered the draft in the same year, I would have had Gregory over Charlton as a potential pass rusher. There are movement skills and attack angles Gregory has traits wise that Charlton has yet to develop. Gregory is built to rush off that right side, where Charlton is not. I am not saying that Charlton won't develop, but player for player there is a difference – thus the excitement of Gregory's return.

Rob: Gregory might have been a top-15 pick in 2015 if not for off-the-field concerns. (Instead he fell to No. 60.) He's a prototypical right defensive end who can bend off that edge. But it must be pointed out that Charlton looked a lot more comfortable in the final month last season. More snaps helped him. He's got a chance to take a step forward.

Do you think this linebacker group could be one of the faster and athletic groups in football? Especially with their range and length in the passing game. - BRIAN GOULDMAN / COLONIAL BEACH, VA

Bryan: Seen improvement already in Jaylon Smith from a mobility aspect, so that's a positive. Leighton Vander Esch showed the ability to run in college, so that would give me some hope as well. Sean Lee is Sean Lee. Where I have especially liked these linebackers is the addition of Joe Thomas and Justin March-Lillard. I thought both of them were outstanding during the OTAs and minicamps, so pairing them with the other linebackers should give you a group that plays with range.

Rob: Smith is a key here, as Bryan said. If he continues to improve physically, the Cowboys will have an even more athletic group back there because Vander Esch can really cover some ground for a guy his size. Damien Wilson has shown range and physicality as a tackler, too.

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