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Mailbag: Chances Of A Miles Austin Return For Camp?


I have not heard anything about Miles Austin's demand in free agency. If he goes into training camp without being signed, do you think there is a chance he could come back to Dallas?

Rowan: That's always a possibility, but I'd be surprised to see that happen. I think more so than the money, the Cowboys were ready to move on to a new player at the position. It wouldn't hurt to have him, but his hamstrings got to the point where he seemed like a ticking time bomb before the next injury. He's one of the best receivers remaining in free agency, but it's hard to count on that.

David: It seems like it's probably time to turn the page. The Cowboys could probably bring him back at an affordable price, but what does he contribute that isn't already on the roster? Can he do what he used to without fear of injury, and for how long? I don't have a good answer for any of those questions. If the team needs receiver help, they can get it young and cheap in the draft next week.

Who is fanning the rumors that we are looking at Johnny Manziel? The front office denies it, but Jim Nantz and others keep trying to make it a story. It is possible that the front office is trying to create this mirage to inflate Manziel's stock?

Rowan:I'm sure they're actually really interested in Johnny Manziel. So are most teams around the NFL. [embedded_ad] That doesn't mean he's playing for all of them. I don't take too much stock in any rumors I hear between now and the draft, and I just don't think he'll be there when the Cowboys pick. That means they'd have to trade up for him, and I don't see that happening. If he does drop, they'll be tempted at 16, but I think all the rumors are mostly just that.

David: I don't think Manziel needs the Cowboys' help to inflate his stock. He's going to be a popular and polarizing player no matter what rumors come out of Valley Ranch. I will say this: if there's buzz about Manziel lasting to the 16th pick, it could work in the Cowboys' favor, as it may give them leverage in any trade scenarios. Honestly, though, I wouldn't worry about Manziel until you have to.

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