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Mailbag: Chances Of Trading For A Veteran Linebacker?


Since Sean Lee's injury there have been talks about replacing him with a player in the current roster. What are the chances of trading for a proven veteran linebacker from another team?

Nick: I think that's a possibility but it's going to be for someone to possibly add depth and play special teams. I could see them getting a third-year guy on a team with depth at linebacker. Now you don't have a lot of trade-bait players so it might have to be for a later-round draft pick. But that's a definite possibility but something that might happen closer to the end of camp.

David: When you say "proven," I assume you mean a depth guy – a good player but not a starter or star linebacker. They don't have the pieces to make a big-time trade, but I could see them trading a draft pick or a backup to another team for someone who can add to the group here, ala Edgar Jones last summer. Although, they do already have some veterans with guys like Justin Durant, Orie Lemon and even Bruce Carter. But it might not hurt for the right price.

Why do people think the Cowboys already have a worse defense than last year? Let the new guys settle and then talk.

Nick:Well, they had the worst defense in history with DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher and Sean Lee on the team. Now they've got to replace those guys as well. You're talking [embedded_ad] about a defense that has one Pro Bowl (by Henry Melton) combined for all of the players. At some point, you need some playmakers and only time will tell if they've got some. I think it's fair to assume the defense is going to have an uphill battle.

David: I admire your optimism, but yeah – what Nick said. You've got unproven guys playing defensive end, middle linebacker and free safety. One of your top corners, Claiborne, has an injury history, and your two most talented pass rushers, Anthony Spencer and Henry Melton, are coming off big-time injuries. None of this is to say they won't improve from 2013, but right now, their prospects don't look great.

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