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Mailbag: Chemistry With WRs? Bailey's Camp?



I've seen a lot of accolades for the corners and noticeably less for the wide receivers. Are the corners playing that good or is the chemistry between WRs and QBs still developing? Does it appear this receiving corps can be a true threat or is it going to be functional at best?

David: That's the nature of practice, isn't it? If someone is doing well, then that means their counterpart isn't doing well. The receivers have been fine. I wouldn't say they're lighting the world on fire, but we've seen some really nice play from the position — Lance Lenoir, Michael Gallup and Tavon Austin come to mind, specifically. I don't think this group is going to take over the league, but they look capable of getting the job done.

Rob: The corners have been very good in camp. I do think the offense and the receivers have won their share of plays, particularly in red zone work. Eventually, the offense will need to settle on a receiver rotation for Dak Prescott's benefit. Right now there's no real rotation, and at times he's also been practicing without Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson and Noah Brown.


We all know about the struggles of Dan Bailey toward the end of last season. It sounded as if he was right back on track to becoming his usual self at the beginning of camp, but then it sounded like he began missing kicks again. I'm a little worried because I appreciate how good a weapon he is when he's on point. So, how are you guys feeling about him up to this point in camp?

David: It's going to be an interesting month for Dan Bailey. For the vast majority of camp, he has looked fantastic. But he did have two really forgettable practices that brought back memories of last season. Unfortunately for kickers, it's always easier to remember one miss over 10 makes. I'm not too worried about him just yet, but I'd like to see him hit a few field goals in the preseason.

Rob: He was great the first week and then he missed kicks in two straight practices. I think he's striking the ball well overall, and I know how motivated he is to get back to his usual form before the groin injury last year. Let's see how the games go, but my gut feeling is he'll get this ironed out.

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