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Mailbag: Comparing Williams To Micah Parsons?


Do you guys feel Sam Williams has the closing speed similar to Micah Parsons rushing the passer? Man, he seems to close the gap quick. — MICHAEL WILLIAMS / PHOENIX, NY

David: I see what you're getting at. Williams is only a 10th of a second slower despite being an inch taller and 20 pounds heavier than Micah. His athleticism is impressive. I'm still reluctant to compare him to the Defensive Rookie of the Year — especially since Micah often had a free run at the QB by virtue of playing linebacker a lot of the time. But his athleticism is what will give him a chance to be successful right away, to your point.

Rob: There's a highlight of Williams against Louisville disengaging from the tackle and catching up to QB Malik Cunningham for a trip-up tackle all the way at the sideline, preventing him from turning up field. I thought, "Yeah, that's kind of Micah-like." I'm not making a direct comparison, but I do think you're on to something in that regard. The biggest thing I noticed is he's a smooth natural pass rusher with bend, and that's what Randy Gregory had when he was here.

Quinton Bohanna and John Ridgeway would be a massive run stuffing duo. Do you see them being paired on running downs? — PATRICK CONDRY / DIGHTON, MA

David: I'd love it if we could take a chill pill for a second, because this feels like post-draft optimism to the extreme. Bohanna saw his play time decrease down the stretch last season, and Ridgeway is a fifth-round rookie. I like both players, but they've both got a lot of work to do to make the active roster, let alone be chosen for certain sub-packages.

Rob: Yeah, there's going to be a lot of competition for those rotational tackle spots, so I agree it's way too early to say one or both will earn that type of role. I will say that the way Jerry Jones spoke of Ridgeway at the draft, it sounded like they've got hope he can be that exact type of run stuffer. The 49ers game was more proof to Dallas that they have to get stronger in that area.

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