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Mailbag: Concerned Contract Talk A Distraction?

Cowboys at 49ers | Preseason Week 1
Cowboys at 49ers | Preseason Week 1

I think I know the answer to this one, but you guys are around Dak every day. Any concern that all the reports about his contract negotiations (what he might have turned down or what he might be asking for) could affect his play on the field? I ask because of the "big three" looking for new deals, he's playing the most high-pressure position. Thanks. - MATTHEW K / DALLAS, TX

Bryan: He's human and he knows. Players say they don't hear or read what's going on around them but that's a lie. Prescott knows what's going on but he'll never let you know that. He knows he has a job to do and I trust that he'll do it to the best of his ability. He needs to continue to prove that he's worth the money and that's really his only focus.

Rob: I'm not sure I've been around a Cowboys player who tunes out noise better than Prescott. I say that because of the position he plays. The honeymoon with some fans, if you will, was over a couple years ago when they missed the playoffs and expectations got higher for him as the entrenched starter who had tremendous success early. He's handled everything with class, and I don't really think he pays much attention to what's in the media. Maybe some things are relayed to him second hand, but the bottom line is he doesn't really care about talk outside the building.

There is no question that Zeke is physically gifted and could return in shape ready to play football. What concerns me is that with a new offensive coordinator there are bound to be changes to the playbook and by not being here now it will take some time for him to learn the new playbook and truly be ready to take the field. Do you share these concerns or will the playbook be similar enough to previous years that he will be able to pick it up in short order? - JACKIE BARRETT / GLASTONBURY, CT

Bryan: He didn't miss a snap the entire OTAs when Kellen Moore was putting in the offense. I have absolutely no concern that he won't know the offense when he gets here or be able to adjust to anything they might be adding. This is not a dumb player on the mental side of things.

Rob: I don't worry about that either. Sure, there are bound to be changes with Moore calling plays, but installation is part of the offseason program and from what I recall, Elliott had perfect attendance there. He's probably up on a good portion of it already. And yes, he's a very diligent player in terms of mental and physical preparation.

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