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Mailbag: Cooper Catching Up; O-Line Play


I'm positive Amari knows how to run routes and his technique is solid. But now that he is on the Cowboy campus what will WR coach Sanjay Lal's biggest task be to have him ready for Tennessee? - WAYNE S

Bryan: The checks. When Dak Prescott gets a look that he has to change the play. How quickly Cooper has to think while the play clock is running down is going to be a key here. It's going to be up to Lal that Cooper knows that adjustment.

Rob: As Jason Garrett said Tuesday, there's probably a general comfort level for Cooper in this offense. His old offensive coordinator in Oakland coached under Scott Linehan in Detroit, so there are probably some philosophical similarities. But the nuances will be different, obviously, and he just needs to get as much work in with Prescott as possible.


Why has the offensive line declined so much? Is losing Travis Frederick the reason? Is it because of the O-Line coaching change? - FRED KING / FRANKLIN, TN

Bryan: Losing Frederick has really hurt this unit. It doesn't appear that La'el Collins has benefited at all from the change. He was making great strides last season, but having to change his technique has put him in a poor frame of mind, which has resulted in his struggles.

Rob: To your point, there have been changes in a lot of areas in the last year. It's not the same group that dominated in 2016. Joe Looney has filled in admirably at center but there's no question Frederick's absence hurts from a communication standpoint. The odd part is we've seen this line function at a pretty high level at home. They entered the Washington game with the second-best run game in the league. Pass protection hasn't been nearly as good on the road. They've got to figure out why.

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