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Mailbag: Could Dunbar Become The Primary Backup RB?


I've been reading good things about Lance Dunbar this offseason. Is there a chance he becomes the No. 2 back instead of Joseph Randle?

Bryan: The one advantage that Dunbar has over Randle is his experience in this league but they drafted Randle for a reason and that is to carry the ball if they have to deal with another injury to Murray. Dunbar and Tanner along with Lawrence are taking all the reps but I have always felt that running back is a different position where you can miss time but catch up because of your ability. Joseph Randle has a ton of ability and I feel like that he will be fine when he comes back because he is sitting in the meetings learning and when he hits the field, then Gary Brown will get him lined up and his talent will take over from there. But it is a good question because Dunbar and Tanner both have been very good.  

Rowan: I don't see that happening, unless Randle gets really far behind because of his time off or his thumb doesn't heal correctly. That doesn't mean Dunbar can't be productive and find a niche in the offense. He could end up being the shiftiest back and the best receiver out of the backfield. But Randle was drafted to be the backup to Murray, and it would be unwise to think otherwise, even with the time missed.

I'm a little concerned about our depth at defensive tackle. With Spears gone and Brent in legal trouble, would we be interested in taking a look at Richard Seymour or Sedrick Ellis?

Bryan: I agree with what you are asking but these coaches don't feel the same way that you and I do. Sounds like Robert Callaway is going to have to have surgery on his knee and that will take him out of the mix. If you look at the names, it leaves Sean Lissemore, Ben Bass, Nick Hayden, and Ike Igbinosun as the backups. I don't see Seymour being on their radar and they would most like have to pay more money than they are will to sign Ellis, so look for a potential guy that we haven't heard much about. This pro department seems to be on a little bit of a roll finding those types of players.

Rowan: Callaway being out now doesn't help. Interestingly enough, Monte Kiffin said his defensive line had more depth than any area [embedded_ad] just a few days ago. That was before the Callaway announcement, but still, the coaches appear more content with the depth of the group than the general public. It wouldn't be a total surprise to see one or two more players join the line, but they seem pleased rolling with the group they've got.

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