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Mailbag: Could Rogers Have A Shot At The Final 53?



With his size and ball skills, does Eric Rogers have a real shot at the 53? Will they keep six or will it come down to Beasley and Rogers for the five spot?

David: It's hard to rule him out considering how good he's looked to this point. The Cowboys' commitment to keep four of even five tight ends is undoubtedly going to affect  how many wide receivers they go with. If they go with five, I like Beasley's chances to edge Rogers out. If six, he's got a shot.

Rowan: First off, I think Beasley has a pretty secure spot as the fifth receiver on the 53-man roster. The sixth spot, if they keep one, will get interesting, and Rogers is definitely a candidate for that spot. His size is intriguing, but his ability to catch in traffic elevates him to a possibility for the roster. He is at a spot that's pretty deep, and Anthony Armstrong could end up sneaking into the final roster instead. The trick for Rogers and all the undrafted guys is turning heads consistently.


With Dez's emergence as the No. 1 guy, what are the expectations for Miles Austin this season?

David: I wrote about this a little bit ago -- at some point in comes down to a numbers game. You want Austin to do as well as possible, but you also have to assume Dez and Jason Witten are going to post 1,000-yard seasons or better. Luckily, the Cowboys are a pass-happy bunch, so 700-1,000 yards should be a reasonable expectation for the veteran. Especially given the amount of attention that will be on Bryant.


Rowan: Bryant's emergence does lessen the reliance on Austin, but the Cowboys still need him to be a consistent threat, and he needs to be able to stay on the field. While it's difficult to expect an exact yardage count for him this year, it should be expected that he gets at least 850. If the Cowboys get a running game going, all the receivers' and tight ends' numbers will go down from last year. Austin still managed 943 yards last year while essentially missing two games against the Redskins.

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