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Mailbag: Could Smith still move to tackle?


With the Cooper Beebe pick, would you still consider moving Tyler Smith to left tackle and playing Beebe at left guard? I feel Tyler Guyton is too raw to throw in at left tackle, but may be an upgrade at right tackle? – Chris Saddlemire/West Union, SC

Nick Eatman: I've said this for a long time now: I want Tyler Smith playing left guard. Sure, he could do both – just like Zack Martin could always do both. Larry Allen could (and did) both. But Tyler Smith is going to be better at left guard. I think he can be a great player there, as he's starting to show in just his second year overall and first at guard. Now, all that being said, sure position flex is nice. If something happens in a game, or maybe for a short part of the season, then yes you need to make sure you've got five capable starters and Tyler's ability to kick out to left tackle might be an option at some point. But I think drafting Tyler Guyton should help ease those concerns. And while I see where you mentioned the right tackle situation, I don't think Terence Steele is a problem at all. Don't forget he was coming back from an ACL injury in November of 2022. So the first half of the season was still less than a year removed from the injury and he got better and better. I think Guyton, Tyler Smith man the left side and Zack and Terence Steele will be on the right. Center is up for grabs with Hoffman, Bass and now Beebe battling it out. Should be fun.

Patrik: With all due respect Chris, are we still having this conversation? The answer for me was always no and, following the decision to use a first-round pick at offensive tackle, thankfully, the answer is no, cubed. Beebe is being brought in to convert to center, is my understanding, and that's why he's already begun practice center reps with the famed Duke Manyweather. The trio of Smith-Beebe-Martin in the interior will be absolutely devastating to opposing defensive fronts, and will make the running game hit a level that hasn't been seen in years. I'm willing to put Guyton to the fire early at left tackle to preserve my interior trio at all costs, and I make no apologies for it, either. If the Cowboys are still uncertain about their first-round pick taking the start there early this season, then grab a high-caliber veteran as insurance but, whatever you do, do not sacrifice the interior for the exterior.

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