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Mailbag: Could Turpin Boost The Passing Game?


I know this is an afterthought, but would it not have been wise to try to send KaVontae Turpin down the field to stretch the defense and open more opportunities for the other receivers? — JACK FARGUSON / PARIS, TX

Rob: Sure, why not? I think you look at all options to jump-start the offense, and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore told us before the opener that it's been fun watching Turpin grow as a receiver and that he can play a role there, not just as a gadget guy. Turpin only got two snaps on offense against Tampa, but you know he'll continue to be active each week as the primary returner, so it'll be interesting to see if he gets more chances.

Patrik: Thank you for giving me a reason to say out loud what I've been thinking regarding how to start this game if you're the Cowboys: air it out to Turpin on the first play from scrimmage against the Bengals. Give me a five-step drop with Turpin on a nine (go) route and fire the cannon. This sends the message that you'll have to defend the entire field vertically and, as such, create spacing for the underneath routes early and empty the box for Ezekiel Elliott to then be fed regularly. As long as that first cannon shot to Turpin doesn't result in an INT, it'll do exactly what it needs to do – make the Bengals defense play honest the remainder of the game.

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