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Mailbag: Could Williams Put Up Robinson Numbers?


Keeping in mind the year that Laurent Robinson had a couple years ago as the third wide receiver, is it ridiculous to think that Terrance Williams could build a relationship early with Romo and put up Robinson type numbers? Considering Dez, Miles and Witten will receive most of the attention from opposing defenses?

Nick: I don't think it's ridiculous at all. He's a good route-runner who has improved light years from his first rookie minicamp practice to now. He will continue to get better as well. I think he can put up big numbers, but remember this – Robinson had 54 catches for 858 yards in 2011 – which ranked third in both categories. Where he stood out obviously was the 11 touchdowns. So that's something Williams has to be able to do – get open in the red zone and be quarterback-friendly the way Robinson did.

Rowan: The touchdown total might be reaching a bit in a rookie season. But to think he could be almost that productive isn't ridiculous. Williams was a player they nearly snagged in the second round because of what they thought he could become. It's easy to see his progression already entering training camp, and if he can keep it up in Oxnard, he'll get every opportunity to become the type of player Robinson was. The important thing now is having Romo on the field to bild a rapport.

With questions about Frederick, both starting guards injured, and no improvement at right tackle, how can anyone expect improved line play this year compared to last?

Nick: I don't think you can expect anything when it comes to the line. It's more about hope. They're hoping to be right about Frederick. They're hoping the guards will be healthy enough when the season starts. They're hoping Free or Parnell will be better than last year. Expectations are low and so therefore, they will probably exceed that. However, will that be enough to be considering a good offensive line? Only time will tell.

Rowan:You can't, quite simply. The front office believes a player who can solidify the core of the line, in this case Travis Frederick, should be able to change the play of everyone else around him. It all comes down to the injuries and whether or [embedded_ad] not Doug Free can find his play of old or Jermey Parnell can make tremendous strides after getting some experience last season. Whatever happens, it shouldn't be any worse than last year, but the Cowboys did take a risk by only grabbing one lineman in the draft.

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