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Mailbag: Crawford's Position Switch; More


If they're moving Tyrone Crawford back inside, how hard will it be for him to remake his body after all the work I'd heard he put in to remake it to play DE? Can he do it while playing in the grind of the regular season?


Bryan: I actually think this is going to work out for him. His smaller size has actually made him quicker. He's not as heavy but still has his power. I like what I've seen from him getting off the ball inside. Can help Lawrence or Gregory with his penetration.

Rob: It's a good question because Crawford presumably trimmed down to be quicker playing off the edge. But remember, Rod Marinelli wants quickness and penetration from his defensive tackles. I wouldn't discount him playing end some, but with their current numbers at tackle it makes sense to try him here again.

How does the team go about fairly evaluating players who are facing opposing team starters while working with second/third tier players on the offensive line and QB position? I felt as though players like Bo Scarborough and Cooper Rush were set up to fail with their supporting cast against Arizona's starters on defense.


Bryan: Not set up to fail at all. It's your job whether your the quarterback or running back to be productive regardless of the situation. That's what your trying to evaluate. The coaches know what's going on they just want to see how the player responds. I am more worried about what i saw from Scarbrough than I am Rush. I have been waiting for that physical running style to appear and I have yet to see it. That bothers me.

Rob: The Cowboys still had two starting tackles and most of their skill position guys starting the other night. I don't think 'set up to fail' is accurate. Did Arizona have more starters in the game? Yes, and sure, that will be part of the coaches' evaluation. I do think Rush would be more efficient if he had to come into the game with Zeke and a full cast up front, however.

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