Mailbag: David Irving's Long-Term Future?




I know that David Irving can wreak all kinds of havoc when on the field. But getting him on the field for a full 16 games has been a chore in recent years. Do you think the Cowboys at some point say enough and release him or will they be patient with him knowing those behind him aren't up to his talent level on the field?

Bryan:The front office went into the season knowing the situation of the potential pitfalls. You have him signed up for the year, so do the best you can with what games you get. The talent is too good just to kick to the curb.

David: I don't see a single benefit to releasing him, to be honest. He's one of the best pass rushers on the team, he's on a one-year deal and you don't have to pay him while he's suspended. Obviously it's frustrating, but I still think releasing him makes little sense in the long-term view.



Has David Irving ended all possibility of ever getting a long-term deal in Dallas? The best ability is availability and regardless of how talented you are, it means nothing when you're not on field.

Bryan:I never felt like they were interested in signing him to a long term deal to begin with. You're not wrong about the availability of a player but the reliability is actually more important and that in my opinion was going to keep him from getting that contract.

David: You might think Irving is getting off with no punishment – but this is where his decision-making is going to come back on him. It is obvious why the Cowboys did not want to sign him long-term this offseason, and it seems highly unlikely they will commit to him in the future. My guess is the Cowboys try to get the best out of him for 12 games and then wish him well.