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Mailbag: Dealing With Randy Gregory's Suspension; Watching Zeke's Workload?


Are you guys worried at all about the number of carries Zeke has through the first four games?

Rob: Ezekiel Elliott leads the league with 94 carries (20, 21, 30, 23); he's on pace for 376. That's a big number, even for a 21-year-old, but it's hard to say "take the ball out of his hands" the way he's running right now. I do think Alfred Morris will continue to get some series within the course of games, and Lance Dunbar will get touches. It'll be interesting to see what Darren McFadden's role becomes when he returns from the Non-Football Injury list. But the Cowboys drafted Zeke to be the featured back and that's exactly what's happening, because he's earned it.

Bryan: Not at all. They drafted him to play and play well. You don't have these players for more than five to eight years especially these running backs. He's young, tough and enjoys in the work. 


With his suspension now in place, it will be a long time before Randy Gregory will see the football field. How confident are you that he can be ready and up to speed by December, and how much impact will he actually be able to provide having been away for that long?

Rob: It's hard to envision much of an impact, in my opinion, without any training camp or preseason. When Gregory's eligible to return Dec. 19, it'll be his first chance to practice in basically six months. That's a long time. As Jason Garrett said last week when asked about Gregory's suspension, he's got to focus on accepting the consequences of his suspension and doing everything he can to get himself right.

Bryan: I am not counting on Gregory at all to be honest. If he does come back in those final two games and into the playoffs potentially then I would happy to admit that I was wrong. 2017 is my date for him. 

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