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Mailbag: Did Cowboys Really Need an OC Change?


The Cowboys schemed a 4-1 record with a backup quarterback, didn't have a true No. 2 wide receiver and fought through a shuffling offensive line, but again had one of the NFL's top offenses. Yet the team got rid of its offensive coordinator, who immediately found another job. Was Kellen Moore simply a scapegoat? – Sherwin Reynolds/Greeley, CO

Nick: I agree with most of everything you said except for one word … simply. There's really nothing "simple" about this situation. I think everyone knows how Jerry Jones felt about Kellen Moore and I'm not saying Mike McCarthy didn't feel the same way, but it already seems like this 2023 season is a huge year for McCarthy. He has to keep building on this and maybe he just felt like it was time to take more control of the offense. I think Dak is a really good quarterback but maybe he needs a new voice to get him over the top. Nothing against Kellen but this is more about Dak. I think Kellen did a great job this year of creating ways to get the ball to CeeDee and Pollard. Yes, they figured out how to win with Cooper Rush. But ultimately, they need to make more changes and that ended up being the OC. I think Kellen will do a great job with the Chargers.

Kurt: I recently saw a Tweet (and I apologize for not remembering from who) that I thought summed up the situation perfectly. It went something like, "Kellen Moore isn't necessarily the problem, but he isn't the solution either." Statistically speaking, Moore obviously had success during his four-year run as offensive coordinator, and that was despite not having Dak Prescott for 25 percent of those games (17 of 66). Unfortunately, that also led to just one playoff victory with a general feeling that Prescott had reached his ceiling, and that the offense had become stale and predictable. With the two having been together since 2016, starting first as teammates, the time had simply come to bring in new voices – a coordinator and quarterbacks coach who can help Prescott, and subsequently the team, take that next step. So while Moore, who likely needs a change of scenery himself, had to take the fall after another disappointing finish, for Prescott and the Cowboys to reach greater heights in the future, a move had to be made … at least that's the hope.

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