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Mailbag: Did The Seahawks Overpay For Adams?


If a player opts not to play this year, how does that impact the salary cap? The player's contract? — JEFF GALLO / BROOMFIELD, CO

Rob: According to NFL Media, a player's contract would toll to next season. There will be two opt-out categories: a general category and a high-risk category. If they're in the high-risk category, they would receive a $350,000 stipend and credit for an accrued season. In the general category, it's a $150,000 stipend and no accrued season.

David: I commend the NFL for offering such a serviceable stipend to guys who don't feel comfortable with the situation. It seems like even the general stipend should be enough to help a lot of these guys get through the year if they opt not to play. So with that in mind, I wonder just how many players will take this approach.

Did the Seahawks overpay for Jamal Adams? I know part of your answer will be "not if they win the Super Bowl." Were the Cowboys in trade talks with the Jets, too? If so, what did they offer? — WALTER DEBELL / TROY, NY

Rob: I'll answer this in general terms: the Cowboys really value their high draft picks. The Amari Cooper deal two years ago has worked out, obviously, but at the time, trading a first-round pick was something the front office really had to weigh. They've dealt multiple first-round picks for veteran starters in the past and it hasn't worked out. I just don't see that as being part of their general philosophy. Factor in the uncertainty about the salary cap next year, and teams might need to hit on their draft picks more than ever because there simply might not be much cap space to sign players through free agency.

David: We know the Cowboys tried to make this happen in October, but I don't think they were part of the conversation this time around. And even if they were, I imagine they'd have hung up the phone quickly once they heard what the Jets were seeking. You're right that no one will care what the Seahawks paid if Jamal Adams helps them win a Super Bowl. At the same time, two first-round picks, a third-round pick and a solid starter is a huge price to pay. With how well the Cowboys have drafted these past six years, there's no way I'd pull the trigger on that deal.

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