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Mailbag: Distribution Of The Tight End Snaps?


With the first quarter of the season finished, approximately how many plays is Jason Witten getting per game? I know he's making a difference and I'm very thankful that he's back. However, how are Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz developing this season? - JOEY ARNEL SAYSON / SANTA MONICA, CA

Bryan: I don't know off the top of my head how many plays Witten is getting a game, but I do agree that we need to see more from Jarwin in these games. As far as Schultz, I have a gut feeling he will get more snaps against the Packers on Sunday. 

Rob: This was such a big storyline going into the season: How much will Jason Witten play compared to the younger guys? So far, here's how it breaks down: Witten 181 (45 per game), Jarwin 103 (26 per game), Schultz 28 (7). Witten has been, as expected, a nice safety valve for Dak Prescott. Jarwin's 35-yard gain against the Saints, setting up Zeke's touchdown, is an example of the mismatches he can create against a linebacker in coverage.

I was at the game this past Sunday in New Orleans and noticed Brett Maher kicking 60-plus yard field goals during pregame warmups. It looked like his kicks had plenty of distance going through the uprights. Why not try a 69-yard field goal to win the game vs. another Hail Mary. Wouldn't the percentage of success be greater? - TODD SNIDER / MUNROE FALLS, OH

Bryan: I wasn't at the game myself, so I can't attest to your view. But warmup and game field goals are two different animals. Garrett was asked that same question and he did not feel that Maher could have been successful from that distance, which means he asked special teams coordinator Keith O'Quinn if it was possible.

Rob: I did not see Maher kicking that deep in warmups, but that's not uncommon for him to try one of those from around 60 yards just to test range. I'm sure the thought crossed Jason Garrett's mind at the end of the game. The problem is you're in no man's land either way. It would've been about a 69-yard kick. The all-time league record is 64. Just not too realistic, even for a guy with Maher's leg.

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