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Mailbag: Division Pressure? Under The Radar?


After the debacle in Indy, how much does the pressure go up for Dallas to seal the deal? I know their last two games are against sub .500 teams, but those teams have the "nothing to lose" mentality while Dallas has everything to lose going forward. - MORICE WELLINGTON III / VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

Rob: Of course the stakes are higher now, but the players have dealt with pressure since they were 3-5 and a lot of people wrote them off. I got the sense guys were angry about last Sunday's performance. Offensively they squandered opportunities. Defensively they got away from the things they normally do well. I think we'll see a more efficient game this Sunday.

Bryan: It's tremendous pressure. I'll go as far to say that if they lose to Tampa Bay they will not win in New York either. The one saving grace this team has is that they've been playing playoff games since Week 8, so they've been under pressure since then. But they need to go take care of this game now and punch their ticket into the playoffs.


I was recently asked who on our defense has been an under the radar success and I couldn't decide between Xavier Woods and Antwaun Woods. Who would you say has been the biggest under the radar success on offense and defense? - REUBEN JOHNSON / MT JULIET, TN

Rob: For me, it's Joe Looney on offense and Tyrone Crawford on defense. Looney was prepared for a totally unexpected starting role. Keep in mind Travis Frederick had never missed a start in his career before this season. Crawford is a defensive captain, but I don't think he gets enough credit outside the building for doing whatever's needed on the defensive line, playing outside and inside. He's a great example for a young group.

Bryan: Antwaun Woods has been my defensive guy and Joe Looney on the offensive side. Before the season if you told me that both of those players would have had an impact on how this season has gone I would have laughed at you. Have to tip my cap to both of them on a job well done.

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