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Mailbag: Do Camp Trends Carry Into Season?


Are there any early indicators in training camp that you find translate to which direction a season can go? I guess another way to ask, in prior successful seasons what trends stood out as early as training camp? — NATHAN MATTISON / GLENS FALLS, NY

Nick: Truth be told, a lot of times it's the exact opposite. I've seen teams go undefeated in the preseason and win 5 games in the regular season. And there have been winless preseason teams that win the Super Bowl. As for camp practices, that's tricky as well, especially now when we don't see any tackling. I think one thing that will carry over is how efficient the offense can be. If Dak can get the ball to different receivers and the offense proves it can run up and down the field in a smooth manner, it shows a level of effectiveness that would probably be seen in the games, too. We're not there just yet but I don't think it's far off. Good question, but tough to answer.

Kyle: There's not a true formula to tell how the season will go, but it is fun looking at the trends. The biggest trend I've seen is the dominance from the defense. There's more talent at all three levels and more depth at each position than any other year in recent memory. The identity of this team, and possibly the early success, is going to evolve from how they perform on that side of the ball. The offense will catch up initially, but I expect the defense to set the tone.

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