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Mailbag: Do The Cowboys Need Donald & Melton?


I keep hearing we need Aaron Donald, who is the draft's best three-technique. I am no D-Line expert, but isn't that why we brought in Henry Melton? Can we play with two three-techs?

Rowan: I'd trust that Rod Marinelli would find a way to get his best four defensive linemen on the field and rushing. Plus, he likes to bring defensive linemen in waves, so they'd both get a ton of playing time. And on nickel rush situations, I'd imagine they'd both be on the field. So, yes, technically they both play the same position, but one or both of them should be capable of playing the one-technique on pass-rushing situations. And getting another potential star defensive tackle sounds like a good idea.  

David:On top of what Rowan said, I think it's a mistake to assume Melton is the answer until he proves it. The hope is he plays at a Pro Bowl level, but it couldn't hurt to add some quality [embedded_ad] depth to the position just in case. Plus, if Melton does play well, adding Donald could be a shrewd salary cap move. If Donald lives up to the hype, the Cowboys might not feel so inclined to option Melton for his big-time money years, saving the team some cap room.

There is a lot of talk of an increased role for Gavin Escobar this year and that he missed out on playing time due to needing to add strength - are there any reports on how he did at gaining weight/strength this offseason?

Rowan: I don't know any specifics, but he's been at Valley Ranch for a hefty portion of the offseason. We don't get to see the voluntary workouts, but just walking by the facility, you can see that he's in and working out a lot. We'll know a whole lot more when we actually see the players during OTAs, but it looks like he's putting in a lot of work to get stronger.

David: From the little bits and pieces we're able to pick up, Escobar seems to be one of the guys who has been putting in a ton of work in the offseason. Add Tyrone Crawford to that list, as well. Maybe I'm just a sucker, but I think it's reasonable to expect marked improvement from Escobar in Year 2.

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