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Mailbag: Do The Cowboys Regret Dropping Will Allen Now?



Do you think the coaching staff regrets releasing Will Allen?

Nick: Not at all. They knew Jeff Heath was better and I'm not sure Hamilton won't be as well.

Rowan: Yeah, I think if they had any idea what their injury situation would be like. I think they had confidence that J.J. Wilcox and Jeff Heath could both be solid players by the end of the year, but Allen would have bought them time and could have been vital at the end of the Lions game. It's impossible to predict where injuries will hit, though.

Do you take away more positive feelings based on four turnovers or negative [embedded_ad] feelings based on the defense being unable to stop the Lions on the last drive?

Nick: There's really nothing positive from that game. The turnovers only prevented a blowout. The Lions were way better on both sides of the ball.

Rowan: We know this defense is capable of creating turnovers now, but it's really looking at a silver lining to take away a positive performance from that game. The Cowboys let up a ridiculous amount of yards, and good defensive teams should be able to stop a team from driving 80 yards in 50 seconds at the end, even if it shouldn't have come down to that.

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