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Mailbag: Do You See A Change Back To 3-4 Next Year?



If the Cowboys end up selecting a player such as Anthony Barr, could you see the team switching back to a 3-4 defense in 2015 in order to maximize Barr's potential? He was very productive as a pass-rushing linebacker in UCLA's defensive scheme. Assuming the 2014 season isn't a success, a new coaching staff may be the next line of business anyway.

Rowan: I don't think that'll happen, not because I feel like the current roster is necessarily better suited for the 4-3 than the 3-4, but because I think they'll want to get some consistency defensively. Few teams consistently switch back and forth between the two schemes year to year, and they evidently wanted to part from the 3-4.

David: I'm with Rowan. You hear a lot about identities, and it seems counterproductive to flip back and forth between schemes so quickly. That said, Barr's versatility is definitely appealing should they decide to change defenses in the future.


Every year someone unexpectedly falls in the draft. Last year it was Sharrif Floyd, who the Cowboys passed on. In 2012, Prince Amukamara fell to the Giants, and in 2011 no one thought the Cowboys had a chance at Dez. Who among the "consensus" top 10 picks is the most likely to [embedded_ad]

fall in your opinion?

Rowan: I'd go with either Anthony Barr or Johnny Football. Some teams may believe Barr needs a specific fit or they may not be comfortable with his lack of defensive experience to take him in the top 10. I'd be shocked to see Manziel fall out of the top 10, but given the dramatics that could ensue and the possibility for injury, early teams could pass him for safer options.

David: How about Mike Evans? He's an outstanding talent, but this is a deep receiver class, and teams may talk themselves out of taking him early in hopes of finding other receivers later on. I think he's even more likely to fall if any of the high-profile quarterbacks last beyond the top five or so.

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