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Mailbag: Do You See The Cowboys Signing A Veteran Center?


We know the Cowboys are looking for veteran guards, but I am most concerned about center. Do you see the Cowboys signing one?

Nick: I really don't see them signing one that will compete with Costa. Fans are worried about it a lot more than the Cowboys are. They think he's improved and he'll be the starting center, barring injury.

Josh: From a numbers standpoint, you may have an argument. With Bill Nagy and Kevin Kowalski out, the only backups they have to Costa are guys just learning to snap – Ron Leary, David Arkin and Harland Gunn. They could use another center, but not necessarily one who's going to replace Costa.


What do you think of Raymond Radway so far in camp?

Nick: He's been pretty good. Nothing too exciting but I've seen a couple of deep ball catches by him. But his explosive speed he possessed last year doesn't seem to be the same. I'm sure his leg has fully healed but the confidence to do everything he did last year may not be there just yet.

Josh: He's done some good things, but so have a lot of guys. That is to say, he hasn't stood out from the competition at receiver. Maybe he will in preseason games. I don't think he'll make the team, but he's definitely worth keeping on the practice squad, if they can get him there. It may be another year before he has his speed back.

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