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Mailbag: Does His Familiarity With Rob Ryan Help Romo?



With Romo having the opportunity to work with Rob Ryan's defensive scheme over the past two seasons, does he and the offense have an advantage going into this weekend?

Nick: I really don't think it's something to count on. The same can be said for Ryan considering the offense is basically the same, although the play-caller is different. I think if anyone has an advantage there, it'd be Ryan because he has new players. The Cowboys are virtually the same.

David: There's probably something to be said for the fact that Romo spent several years practicing every week against 3-4 defenses, and Ryan's in particular. But with more than 100 starts under his belt, I'd guess Romo has a pretty good grasp on just about every type of defense there is. Maybe there are some nuances the Cowboys will be able to pick up on, but I don't think it's going to help decide the outcome.


Given the salary cap issues the Cowboys will be facing next year, do you think they might try to re-sign some of the unheard of defensive lineman they've brought in off the street? I know Selvie/Hayden/Everette Brown may not be on the same level as Spencer/Ware/Ratliff, but they would already know the system, seem really hungry and the asking price would be lower. Your thoughts? [embedded_ad]

Nick: There is no cap for the coaching staff. I'd make sure Marinelli stays and is happy. He's the reason you can get production from these guys. But yes, I think those guys come back. Selvie and Hayden have another year. But as for the one-year guys, I'm bringing back Nevis and possibly Brown and/or Wynn. Sure, I think I'd try to keep them and see what they can do in an offseason.

David: I'd bet the bank Selvie and Hayden will be here next season. They've been fantastic – plus they each have another year on their contracts. As for the rest of the rotation, I think their longterm future depends on who's available in free agency and for how cheap. It also depends on what the Cowboys decide to do in the draft this spring. And how could I forget – the Cowboys' decision of whether or not to sign Jason Hatcher to a new contract is going to have massive effects on what their defensive line looks like in 2014.

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