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Mailbag: Does Seattle Win Help Cowboys' Offseason Confidence? Safety Help?

Frank HammondBaltimore, Md.

If you're a Cowboys' player or coach, would you rather see Seattle win this game, knowing you beat them convincingly at their place and it might give you more confidence heading into the offseason. Or does it make it worse knowing that could be your trophy up there? Or does it even matter?

Bryan: It really doesn't matter. I was always taught when the season was over it was over and move on to the off season. Try and work to make your team better and come back to the fight with more determination and focus.  

Nick:I understand your question, but I'm not sure it makes a huge difference either way. Whether or not Seattle wins Sunday, it doesn't take away the fact they are a good team. And it certainly won't take away the fact Dallas beat them up there. But you really don't need anything to happen Sunday to give the Cowboys confidence moving forward. No team had a better record than the Cowboys in 2014. They went 8-0 on the road and outplayed the Packers in the playoff game and came up short on one of the more controversial calls in playoff history. This team is fine regardless what happens this weekend.

David MiddletonSan Angelo, Texas

While I like how J.J. Wilcox has improved over the last two years, if the best player on your board is a natural free safety at No. 27, are you taking him, knowing that could stunt Wilcox's development? I don't think safety is a huge need, but the goal is to get better, right?

Bryan:The goal is to always get better. I do agree with you about the improvement of Wilcox but I also understand how much of a difference a safety that had cover ability and could also help out of the middle of the field would be invaluable to this defense – so if one is there, by all means that should be a consideration regardless.

Nick: I think I would take the safety if he's the best player for you. Wilcox has been good but you always want to get better. They need to get a kid who is more of a cover guy – maybe a converted corner in college. This passing league is getting more and more to the point where bigger, bulky safeties are getting exposed. Not calling Wilcox that at all but I would think they could get a better cover-safety. Now that being said, you didn't see a ton of players running by these safeties last year.

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