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Mailbag: Does success depend on O-Line?


Don't you think our success in 2024 will largely depend on the re-built offensive line? It's true we lost some rotational talent on defense, but the O-line is not a rotational unit. It's sink or swim with those guys.Less Hoffman/Pell City, AL

Nick Harris: It's a really good point. You call back to 2023 and the struggles that the Cowboys had running the ball at times, and the offensive line inconsistencies were a big part of those issues. If the 2024 can rectify those problems, that's already a plus towards helping a running back room that might need a lot of it this season. Now, does success depend on it? Not necessarily. Dak Prescott had the highest QBR of any quarterback in the league last year when under pressure at 65.4. He's comfortable with pressure in his face, and last year showed that he has his mobility back to get outside of the pocket and throw on the run if needed. If that continues in 2024, I don't think the large part of the success question will fall solely on the offensive line.

Mickey: There is a lot to be said for having a cohesive offensive line unit, and that will be one of the top aspects of this team to watch during training camp. But remember for starters, the Cowboys do have two Pro Bowl offensive linemen in Zack Martin and Tyler Smith, so there are a lot of teams out there that can't boast that. Plus, Terence Steele with be a year further moved from his torn ACL will be much improved, and if you remember, to me, he was playing at a Pro Bowl level before tearing his ACL late in 2022. That is three proven O-Linemen of the five. So, a lot depends on how quickly center Cooper Beebe and tackle Tyler Guyton come around. Do have confidence in Brock Hoffman to hold down the fort at center, but the big question mark is how quickly Guyton can take over at left tackle since not sure the Cowboys want to have a steady diet of Chuma Edoga at left tackle for long. Stay tune on this one, buddy.

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