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Mailbag: Does The Offense Need A Fullback?


Why did we keep Tyler Clutts on the 53-man roster? To me that is a wasted spot. We need help in the secondary and linebacking corps. He played one or two plays at most. Makes no sense to me.

Rowan: It certainly doesn't help his cause that he only played one offensive snap. What's more worrisome is that the snap wasn't as the Cowboys tried to cross the goal line. To justify his spot, he needs to be one of the best special teams players on the team, and he hasn't stood out particularly in that regard. The Cowboys have an idea that they can use a fullback, and maybe in tighter games they will, but thus far that spot hasn't been justified.

David: It's a bit hard to judge, because that last game got out of hand so quickly. I don't care how bad you are, it's pretty rare for an NFL game to be effectively over in the second quarter. Let's give it a couple more weeks and see if Clutts plays a bigger role in a more even-paced, competitive game. I could see him being a useful player to have if the Cowboys wind up in a tight spot and need to control the ball in the fourth quarter. If the Cowboys haven't find a way to incorporate him after two or three more games, though, I think it's a valid point.

After hearing that Kyle Wilber was having a great preseason and being praised by Jason Garrett, I was surprised that he only played four plays against San Francisco for a defense that is banged up. I was hoping for a breakout season from him. Can you shed some light on his situation?

Rowan:His situation is Rolando McClain needed to play and one of the three among Wilber, Bruce Carter and Justin Durant had to get bumped. Durant was the most consistent linebacker at camp and Carter [embedded_ad] still has a lot of athletic ability and untapped potential the Cowboys want to see. That left Wilber as the odd man out, and the linebacker play was arguably one of the best parts of the opener for the Cowboys. But monitor Durant's groin injury this week, because if he can't go, it's very possible Wilber jumps back into the starting rotation.

David: Jason Garrett's oft-repeated phrase during training camp was that he wanted to get the best three linebackers on the field. Wilber had the advantage of going through OTAs and minicamp, but I'm not sure there was ever much doub McClain could surpass him if he got into good condition and put the work in. That's not so much a knock on Wilber's ability as a compliment to McClain's natural athleticism. Like Rowan said, though, he might get another shot at the strong side if Justin Durant is sidelined this week in Nashville.

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