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Mailbag: Does The Work End During Pause?


I was wondering if the players can still meet and work together before camp? Because while this is an official pause to the season, the work doesn't end there, right?– Carl Dorsey/Marshall, TX

Nick Eatman:I wouldn't say it truly ends, but the official practices definitely end until we get to camp next month. Remember, the NFL allows so many camps and OTA practices so players can't just have individual practices on the field with coaches. But as for the teaching, that doesn't really end. Sure, the coaches and players will also take needed vacations during this time, but it's my understanding they could be in the building and have conversations with coaches. They definitely can be in the weight room and making sure they stay in shape. Don't forget that part of training camp is a conditioning test so it's important for the players to remain football-ready when camp stars. Whether they choose to do that at The Star or somewhere else, is up to them. But there is a definitely pause in the action, and considering how long the season is when they get started up again, I think it's important to take this time off for the players and coaches and anywhere else for that matter. 

Kurt: The work never really ends anymore. During this current well-deserved break, players are basically on their own, which can make coaches a bit nervous. Will they continue their workouts? Will they keep studying the playbook? Will they stay out of trouble? By and large, the answer is yes to all of those questions. Long gone are the days when players used training camp to get in shape and learn the system. Now they'd better be ready to hit the ground running right from the start or you can bet there will be somebody who is raring to go waiting to take their place. So while the players will take some time off now to vacation, be with family and just generally decompress, they will also be training on their own or perhaps in groups – think quarterbacks and receivers in the "Dakyard" – to prepare for what hopes to be a promising season. Because if they don't take it seriously and don't put in the work now, they could pay for it later.

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