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Mailbag: Draft Dilemma; Best Player Available?


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a receiver like CeeDee Lamb. But if the Cowboys are going for best player available in the draft, but there are so many glaring defensive needs, will that be a problem? – OSCAR GRIMES / WHITESBORO, NY

Lindsay: Wouldn't that be fun?! I missed having a "night one" in the draft last year when the Cowboys didn't have a first-round pick. We do this every year; mock right and left, all while the playing field is ever-changing and evolving. Needs are going to shift. But, I've always heard from important people – forcing a pick at a position of need is where you get in trouble.

Dave: That's the annual challenge: how do you address the needs of your team without compromising the draft process? It's important to remember that the roster is going to change drastically over the next four weeks. The Cowboys are going to gain and lose some players, and we'll have a far better idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Drafting a wide receiver seems reckless in early March, but I'm curious to see how well they address their defensive needs in free agency.

There is a possibility that Maliek Collins won't be re-signed. Can Tyrone Crawford be that 3-technique when healthy? – BILLY MORRISON / LOS ANGELES, CA

Lindsay: I think what we all admire about Crawford is his reliability and flexibility. And I think that's what makes him unique, his ability to be wherever you need him. But I don't know if position-flex is an emphasis for what McCarthy is trying to build up on defensive front; he may want to find a true 3-technique and see where Crawford fits best for his own play.

Dave: I wonder how well Tyrone fits the body type Mike Nolan is looking for. Mike McCarthy has acknowledged that he's looking for a larger build of defensive tackle, and Tyrone Crawford has spent the past couple years slimming down to play end. I think Crawford's versatility will help him play a role here, but they might have to look outside the roster to truly address the position.

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