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Mailbag: DT Impact? Range For An Amari Deal?


I'm really surprised there hasn't been a more diligent effort to pursue a defensive tackle in free agency, especially considering how well the Rams ran against the Cowboys in the playoffs. Even if they draft a DT in the second round, with the need to develop the player and the growing philosophy of "win now," how can that possibly help the team in 2019? - CALEAB LOSEE / CRESTLINE, CA

Bryan: They have addressed the position with Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder. Both are quality rotational players. Add one in the draft, and that will help that position even more. If you're asking why they didn't go after Ndamukong Suh, that was never going to happen.

Rob: Maliek Collins started 14 games at defensive tackle and played well as a third-round pick in 2016. It's entirely possible a high draft pick can come in and earn meaningful snaps in that rotation. This is a pretty deep class. I do think it's probably their biggest 'need' left, but don't forget they signed Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder to compete there, too.

Hey guys, I just saw Adam Thielen of the Vikings agreed to an extension for 4 years and 64 million. Although that number seems a little low, I'm wondering if it just gave us an idea for an Amari Cooper extension? - ANTHONY SMITH / SAN PEDRO, CA

Bryan: Not even in the same ballpark. This deal is going to run you between $17-19 million a year.

Rob: We don't know exactly what the Cowboys and Cooper are thinking here, but let's look across the league. Thielen's reported deal with the Vikings averages $16 million a year. According to Over the Cap, Cleveland's Odell Beckham Jr. is the league's highest paid receiver at $18 million a year. It's fair to speculate that a Cooper extension might fall somewhere in that range, but the guaranteed money is always the critical factor.

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