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Mailbag: Eagles' new coordinators a concern?


Are you concerned that Kellen Moore is now the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia and Vic Fangio is the Eagles' defensive coordinator? Those two certainly add another layer to this rivalry. – Ryan Burkhardt/Galveston, TX

Nick Harris: Philadelphia made two hires for their open coordinator positions that are about as interesting as they could be. Fangio obviously has the recent success and Moore was developed into a coordinator in Dallas. I don't see it as a major concern that would be different from any other team on either front, though. Dallas' offense had success against Fangio's defense in Miami this past season but were limited by self-inflicted mistakes. As for Moore, if anything an advantage could go both ways since both sides know each other well. Against a healthy Los Angeles offense early in the season, Dallas still found a lot of success limiting his offensive system. Both coordinators will have different personnel and different challenges in front of them. However, I do think the storylines will be fun to track.

Patrik: I wouldn't use the word concern here, but rather I'm intrigued. I've said time and again that I believe Moore is a better coordinator than people give him credit for, but the pieces also have to be in place for him to succeed, and that includes the head coach having full control of everything going on. I look at the failings of the Los Angeles Chargers last season and I don't know how different the situations are between LA and Philly — e.g., a head coach being on the hottest of seats in the season due to questionable decisions in his previous season. From there, I look at how Moore likes to build an offense, and that's a pass-heavy, run-little scheme that makes me wonder where does Jalen Hurts' mobility come into play? Or DeAndre Swift? And as far as the passing game goes, Moore (in Dallas) didn't show a willingness to consistently scheme star WRs open versus simply lining them up X, Y or slot and pressing Send on the called play. It all feels too much like the situation he walked into in LA last year, but time will tell. What's certainly a fact is in how the Cowboys know Moore backwards and forwards, and vice versa (to be fair), but it was McCarthy and the Cowboys who took Round 1 against Moore in 2023; so intrigued, I am, but concerned, I am not.

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