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Mailbag: Effects Of Holding A Virtual Draft?


I think it is well known that Stephen Jones and Will McClay have changed Jerry's mind on a few draft picks. Do you think the virtual draft process will still allow the communication needed to continue the intelligent drafts the Cowboys have been making and for everyone's voice be heard on decisions? — TONY YOUNG / ATLANTA, GA

Rob: Obviously the NFL Draft is a slightly more important undertaking than Talkin' Cowboys. But we've learned on our virtual podcasts that we can still communicate with each other relatively seamlessly as long as the audio/video holds up. And the Cowboys have an outstanding technology department. Rest assured they're making sure all systems are go, and these virtual prospect interviews are good practice.

David: I'm sure everyone in the league has the best of intentions, butI can't help but be intrigued and at least slightly alarmed by how all this is going to work. If social guidelines are all in place, how will that affect the front office's ability to fully discuss a trade? What about getting 10-12 voices in the room to discuss the pros and cons of a certain player? There's a lot of moving parts. Hopefully the Cowboys can navigate it all. Fortunately, everyone else in the league is working with the same constraints. So even if they have a hand tied behind their back, everyone else will be in the same position.

We talk about CB being a priority a lot, and rightfully so with only AB signed beyond 2020. But who do we have under contract for safeties after this season? It seems like now would be a good time to lock up Xavier Woods. How much of a priority do you think safety will be in this draft? — JEFF VANDEVER / HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA

Rob: Fair point. Last year's draft pick Donovan Wilson is the only safety under contract past 2020 at the moment. That's why I wouldn't rule out safety as a draft target either, just like corner. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a vintage Cowboys signing: good player, can help this year, but he doesn't preclude them from investing further at the position.

David: Logic suggests that the Cowboys should invest in a safety in 2020, but logic hasn't been the prevailing attitude when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys and safeties. If they could get Xavier Woods signed to an extension this summer,I'd be in favor of it. Otherwise, this is a position where they'd be smart to spend a draft pick. It doesn't necessarily have to be a first-round pick, but it sure seems like a smart idea to grab a safety who's capable of starting in the next year or two.

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